We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions posed by clients who are considering hiring party décor and equipment from us or doing event planning:-


Q1.  “Why do I need an event planner?”

A planner can eliminate work and stress for you while facilitating the success of your event. "We have relationships with all the best vendors, florists and everything in between developed over years in the business, you have  access to the best of the best" Shirley Homber owner Hedgehog Lane

 Q2.  “How far in advance to I have to place an order?”

The sooner the better! All items are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.  For large scale functions/special events/corporate events orders are typically confirmed at least 3-6 months or more in advance.  For smaller events like a birthday party, a 2-4 week notice period is usually sufficient.  

Q3. If I just want to order a cake, or party treats, or just a magician or just decor can I do this?

Yes, of course. We can do the 'whole shebang' or do individual items. Visit our online shop, some of our items are listed otherwise ask here.

Q4 “How does the quoting process work?”

There are multiple ways to contact us. We need certain information to best respond to you. Our 'Quick Contact' form on our home page is great as it allows you to ask us for what you want easily. Please remember to give us dates and function start time, theme, and suburb name.

We can arrange a meeting before or after the quote process to give you an opportunity to tell us exactly what you want and to get clarity on some of the products we offer.

We then prepare a final quote with its supporting schedules. At this point we would appreciate a 50% payment of the balance of the quote. this allows us to book and confirm with our suppliers in good time the products/ entertainment we need for your function. We will then mail through a statement with supporting schedules this will have more payment information and delivery instructions.

The final balance needs to be made on the Monday prior to your event on finalisation of numbers of guests attending your function.

Q5 “When do you deliver?”

For small events, delivery of hire items is typically made the day of the function, or one day prior, depending upon site requirements.  For large scale special event hires, we typically begin installation 1-2 days prior to the function date.  Delivery schedules will be specified on all quotes/hire agreements.  

Q6  “Can you deliver equipment without my being there?”

While leaving the items unattended is not recommended, on private property, as long as the client is aware that they are responsible for the goods from the time we drop them off, until the time we pick them up, we are able to leave the goods in a garage or other similarly sheltered area (i.e. covered porch).  Note:  All orders delivered to public or commercial venues require receipted delivery.  

Q7  “Do you set up tables and chairs?”

Not typically and this will be specified in the quote/hire agreements.  Set up of table and chair hire and any other equipment is the responsibility of the client, or someone who has been hired by the client to do so. We do however offer set up and dismantle services for tables and chairs and other equipment as an option for clients who require this.  Please contact us for a quote on your specific event hire needs.  

Note:  Unless arrangements are made with office staff well in advance of delivery and/or pick up all party hire goods will be left neatly stacked in a single area.

Note: Unless dismantle fees have been agreed to and included in the hire agreement, the client is responsible to ensure that tables, chairs, and other hire items are dismantled, gathered and stacked as they were when dropped off.

Q8  “What about deliveries at specific times or difficult to reach areas?”

When a special event hire booking is made, we are able to provide a four hour AM or PM arrival window (e.g. “Our drivers will arrive between 9am-1pm.”, or “….10am-2pm”, etc.). Requests for deliveries/pick-ups outside of regular business hours must be made at time of booking (additional charges may apply). Party hire equipment will be delivered to a ground level dock, door, garage, or yard that is immediately accessible to our vehicles (within 15 metres). Additional charges may apply if delivery/pick up requires the use of an elevator, or is in a difficult to access area, (More than 15m). Information regarding delivery specifics MUST be provided by the client when booking the order.  

Note: Private residence deliveries are limited to garage, covered porch, back yard or front veranda.  Delivery/pick up personnel are NOT permitted to bring goods up/down stairs, into kitchen, dining room, etc. in private residences due to liability issues.   Additionally, please note that workplace health and safety requirements prevent the removal of protective footwear at any time.

Q9 “What is your cancellation policy for party hire items?”

All party equipment hired to the value of less than R5000 requires a R250 refundable, (subject to conditions) non-transferrable deposit at time of booking.  We accept cancellations and reductions to hire orders without additional charge if we are notified four (4) or more business days in advance of the scheduled delivery date.  Due to the fact that hire items are prepped and packaged several days before delivery, cancellations and/or reductions are not possible within four (4) business days of the scheduled delivery date and the customer is responsible for full payment.

Q10 “Will I be credited for party hire equipment I return unused?”

Fees charged are for the hire period only and are not affected by volume of use.  All party hire equipment, dishware and glassware that leave our warehouse must be cleaned upon return.  Charges will therefore apply for all items regardless of whether used or not.

Q11 “Do I have to wash the hired dishware and glassware?”

Yes, hired cutlery must be returned as it was supplied. The client is responsible for ensuring that all dishware and cutlery hired are then returned to the appropriate containers provided.  All glassware hired must be placed brim up in the containers provided. For terms and conditions of hire of Cutlery, Crockery and Glasswear

Q12 “Do I have to wash the hired linen?”

No, please do not attempt to wash linen.  All linen is washed on return to our warehouse whether used, or unused. Simply shake them out to remove any debris and pack them in the container provided. Please, DO NOT pack linen in a plastic bag as this will trap in moisture, which may allow the fabrics to be attacked by mildew/mould.  Please treat these, as with all our hired goods, as if they were your own. For terms and conditions of hire of Linen and Fabrics

Q13. “What about breakage or losses?”

A deposit is held on all hire orders to cover incidental/accidental and damages over the course of their use (i.e. someone drops a few plates or glasses, someone burns a table cloth with candle wax, or it is inadvertently cut while taking down decorations, etc.).  A deposit is refundable, (subject to conditions) and covers only incidental/accidental damages, not breakage/damages due to willful misuse or neglect (i.e. cutting holes in table cloths, smashing plates on purpose, etc.).  Lost or stolen items are not covered by the deposit and charges will apply for items not returned.  Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for additional information concerning the deposit on Cutlery, Crockery and Glasswear and Linen and Fabrics.

Q14. “What services are included in the fee?”

We have different ways of charging for our services; hourly, flat fee, (these covers our time and labour to source and find products for your function as well as handling correspondence between us and our clients.) or cost-per-person.

We charge a handling fee for sourcing third party vendors. Our standard rate for this is R100, per vendor.


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